Welcome to the inner circle

The YourNextTopline Inner Circle is a place for our most valued and appriciated partners. 

If you’re on this page that means you’re one of those!

How the inner circle works.

Reach Out

Spread the word of YourNextTopline to your partners and trusted friend by sending them this link.


Your trusted partner or friend decides to move foward with a YourNextTopline vocal.


You'll get a heavily discounted topline for your next production!

Your questions: Answered

Make sure that when you send over the toplines to your friends & partners that they mention you when contacting us, that way we know you’re eligible for the heavy discount.

It depends on the topline but we’ll make sure it’s worth your while.

We also offer custom toplines, if you send us an instrumental and references we’ll get to work to create the best fitting topline for your next release.

Yes! We only sell our vocals once.


If you have any question about the INNER CIRCLE you can contact us here.