General Questions

What do I receive when buying a topline?

You will receive a multi-stem package with all the separate stems as .wav file (which includes lead vocals, backing vocals, ad libs and other additional vocals). This package includes the DRY and WET vocals. You’re basically ready to go, and don’t have to mix the vocals yourself.

Can I return or exchange a topline?

Unfortunately it is not possible to return or exchange purchased toplines.
Because you received the full multi-stem package upon purchase exchanging or returning a topline would forfeit the exclusivity of our service.

What rights do I receive when purchasing a topline?

You have full control over the topline once it has been purchased.

Our toplines follow the industry standard regarding royalty/copyright splits. On all of our toplines we maintain the same splits:

Vocalist royalty: 25% split from label percentages
Copyright split: 50% for our songwriter(s) – you get the other half

Additional information on our songwriter(s) (i.e. name, IPI number, Performing Rights Organization) will be shared via email for copyright registration as soon the song has been completed.

How much does a topline cost?

Depending on the project our prices range from $700,- to $1500,-.

Do I need to feature the vocalist?

Depending on the project and the wishes of the seller and buyer a featuring can be discussed. In general a featuring is not common, you’re not obligated to use the vocalist’s name.

Are all toplines on YourNextTopline unique?

Every topline is unique and will only be sold once.

Is your question not listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us.